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Menolak Tunduk: Cerita Perlawanan dari Enam Kota

Contributors: Kokom Komalawati
Published by: LIPS and Tanah Air Beta
Release Date: 2016
Pages: 4

This book is the second book under the series of “Buruh Menuliskan Perlawanannnya”. There are twelve contributors in this book who wrote their struggle and resistance. They are women and men labor union activists come from six industrial cities on the west of Java Island i.e.: Banten, Tangerang, Bekasi, Cikarang, Sumedang, and North Jakarta. Ten contributors are from manufacturing sectors and the other two are from service sector.

The 426 pages book is apart from a written work, it is also a labor documentation. In this book there is a description of different labor cases happen during 2000s decade up until today, Indonesian labor movement development even since before reformation, different strategies employed by labor unions in confronting company managements, organizing strategies, different labor issues, overlapping and intertwined labors’ identities, and each contributor’s daily politics.

The available stories on labor are written by others, in the sense of other parties who are not labors, not the subject of the events. Those others could be journalists, academicians, researchers, or activists. The story is mainly treated as data, the subjects are treated as informants. This book treats the writer to be the subject of events, and write the story in their own point of view.

LIPS together with Tanah Air Beta published this book amidst of decreasing people’s literary aptitude, however, this book is the manifestation of LIPS’ efforts to document, produce and disseminate knowledge.

buruh menuliskan perlawanannya

Contributors: Agus Jafar Sidik, Atip Kusnadi, Budiman, Dayat Hidayat, Gito Martono, Hermawan, Lami, Fresly Manulang, Salsabila, Nuzulun Ni'mah, Sri Jumiati, Sugiyono, Supartono, Samsuri, Muryanti
Published by: LIPS and Tanah Air Beta
Release Date: 2015
ISBN13: 482

In resonance with Fauzi Abdullah’s belief on the importance of workers’ own voice, LIPS facilitated fifteen labour union activists to write their experiences. Started on October 2014 and ended on May 2015, with two writing workshops, fifteen writers finished writing their stories. Out of fifteen writers, five of them are women. Each writer comes from a labor union based on industrial cities in western part of Java Island: Tangerang, Cikarang, North Jakarta, Bandung, and Bogor.

The theme ranges from their experience in building union on factory level to higher level, in struggling against unilateral lay off, working inside the factory and the poor working condition, and how union had helped in fighting against domestic violence. The sector from which the writers come from also diverse. Although still dominated by manufacture sector, but one came from transportation sector, and another came from state-owned company.

This book is published amidst the lack of works of writings on labour studies. The 482 pages book is LIPS’ contribution to the labor studies itself, and the Indonesian labour literary.

The fifteen stories are told in unadorned manner, straightforward, without asking to be pitied by the readers. The writers wrote their stories in their own words, in their own way.

Memetakan Gerakan Buruh: Antologi Tulisan Mengenang Fauzi Abdullah

Published by: Penerbit Kepik, LIPS, Sawit Watch
Release Date: 2012
Pages: 308

This book was published in 2012, in collaboration with Perkumpulan Sawit Watch, and Penerbit Kepik. This book is a compilation of writings that had been published before in Jurnal Kajian Perburuhan Sedane (or Jurnal Sedane for short), from 2002 to 2009. Jurnal Sedane is LIPS’ publication. This book is also a tribute to LIPS founding father, Fauzi Abdullah, who passed away in 2009. Fauzi Abdullah’s short biography written by Fahmi Panimbang and Michele Ford could also be found in this book together with Vedi Hadiz', Dawam Raharjo's, and many others.

The 307 pages book is divided into three sub themes: first, workers condition and labor union in the context of Asia regional political economy; second, the dynamics of labor union in Indonesia, and the dynamics of labor law in Indonesia as a representation of battle of interest between the state, capital and labor; third, democratic issues, conflict between labor unions, and workers welfare.


Dari Mana Pakaianmu Berasal? Upah dan Kondisi Kerja Buruh Industri Garmen, Tekstil, dan Sepatu di Indonesia

Contributors: Abu Mufakhir, Bambang T. Dahana, Syarif Arifin
Published by: LIPS
Release Date: 2016
Pages: 82
ISBN13: 9786021406281

This book is a research report. And the report was used as one of the supporting documents in The Indonesia People Tribunal on Living Wage and Decent Working Condition for Garment Workers as Fundamental Rights, conducted in Jakarta on 21 to 24 June 2014.

The research was on working condition and wages in textile products industries, specifically in footwear industry in Tangerang and Serang, Banten Province. The report shows how both companies, which were used as case study in this research, have violated workers’ basic rights i.e. freedom of association and negotiation, and guarantee of decent wage. The research found that these violations have been conducted systematically.

In order to distribute the knowledge, LIPS then published the report in the form of book, together with Tanah Air Beta, a publisher base in Yogyakarta. The 82 pages book was written by three of LIPS’ researchers.

Buruh dan Intelektual: LSM, Mahasiswa, dan Gerakan Buruh Indonesia

Judul Asli:
Workers and Intellectuals: NGOs, Trade Unions and the Indonesian Labour Movement
Penulis: Michele Ford
Penerjemah: Muliawarman Ford dan Achmad Choirudin
Penyunting: Michele Ford dan Syarif Arifin
Penyusun Atak: Damar N. Sosodoro
Perancang Sampul: Mirzmade Design Manufacture
Tebal: xxii + 330 hlm.
Ukuran: 14 x 20 cm.
ISBN: 978-623-6179-19-2
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