It is important to document workers’ experiences. LIPS does not only document labour events, such as employment termination, strike, wage struggle, mass action, rally, and other events. LIPS also document labor union congress, enacment, and many times labor union education programs. In doing so, LIPS conducted report from the venue, inteview, and video documentations.

As an effort to document workers’ experience in their own words, LIPS facillitate union activists to write their experience in two ways. First, by publishing their writing in our online magazine, and second, in two series of books. We intend to publish next book under this series.

LIPS has more than 3000 books and thousands of documents. These documents are newspaper clipping, case chronology, case documents, internet news and different minutes of meetings. In order to preserve those documents, especially the old ones, LIPS starts to digitalize them. In addition to preservation, it is also aimed at facilitating academician, activists and anybody who needs the document to access. The digitalization is done gradually. The digitalized  documents could be accessed in:

Documentation activities are not limited to printed materials, but also in the form of audio visual footges. Some of the footages we have, then assembled to  be a film. The films that we have produced can be found here.