Who We Are

Sedane Labour Resource Centre is more known as LIPS, an acronym of Lembaga Informasi Perburuhan Sedane, was founded by Fauzi Abdullah (1949-2009) in 1991. Fauzi Abdullah was one of few Indonesian activists who devoted his life for labor movement in Indonesia. During Fauzi’s early activism, he provided legal assistance for workers by joining Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta). But then he thought legal assistance was not enough. He was more focus on education. But he never lectured workers. Together with workers, he did research on the prices of goods, workers ‘ needs and spending, and if the minimum wage was sufficient. Through education, he encouraged workers to know themselves, and their problem and then formulate their needs.

Fauzi believed in the importance of workers’ own voices. So does LIPS. After Fauzi passed away in 2009, LIPS continued to uphold his views and method in approaching workers and labor movement.

LIPS was established with the background of civil society struggle against cruel and consolidating capitalism supporting forces. On the labour realm, Soeharto regime was inviting investors by building new industrial estates and suppressing wage as low as possible. Labour movement struggle emerged by building discussion groups, spontaneus demonstrations, and building new labour unions. At that time, LIPS’ activities was focused in a house on Sedane street in Bogor, West Java. The meetings were disguised as family gathering, or  This where the name ‘Sedane’ came from. Its main activity was discussion and manage labour information and discussion.

Today, there are established labor unions. However, trade unions today face even more flexible employment relation and internal democratization. Only a democratic, independent, dynamic and able to build network in and outside the country-labour unions will able to tackle the those challenges. Labor unions will need insights, education material, strategic organizing method, information on national and international capital structure, international labor unions, and so on. LIPS tries to fill this by becoming a supporting system for labor movement in Indonesia by being the communication channel and discussion venue, literally and figuratively. Its envision is to be the bridge for the formation of strong coalition to support Indonesian labor movement.

Our Vision

Our vision is Indonesian society which is just; no exploitation nor dominative relation whatsoever in terms of class and gender relation; democratic: all class are involved in decision making process; and prosper.

Our Mission

Our Mission is bridging for a coalition to support labor movement, to be the communication hub and a place for discussion (national and international for labor and other social movement activists.

Our Team


  1. Bambang T. Dahana — Chairperson
  2. Agus Rakasiwi — Treasurer
  3. Syarif Arifin — Secretary
  4. Fauzan — Member
  5. Abu Mufakhir — Member
  6. Sri Haryanti — Member
  7. Iskandar Zulkarnain — Member
  8. Dharmaningtyas — Member


  1. Syarif Arifin — Executive Director
  2. Sugeng Riyadi — Researcher
  3. Lukman Ainul Hakim — Researcher
  4. Fadhila Isniana — Ilustrator
  5. Reza Rumakat — Communication Officer
  6. Edo Asrarinur  — Media Campaign Specialist
  7. Sri Haryanti — Admin and Finance

Research Associates

  1. Fahmi Panimbang
  2. Wiranta Yudha
  3. Sylvia Tiwon
  4. Ratna Saptari
  5. Mukhtar Habibi
  6. Hari Nugroho
  7. Nindya Utami