Menolak Tunduk: Cerita Perlawanan dari Enam Kota

Menolak Tunduk: Cerita Perlawanan dari Enam Kota

Contributors: Kokom Komalawati
Published by: LIPS and Tanah Air Beta
Release Date: 2016
Pages: 4

This book is the second book under the series of “Buruh Menuliskan Perlawanannnya”. There are twelve contributors in this book who wrote their struggle and resistance. They are women and men labor union activists come from six industrial cities on the west of Java Island i.e.: Banten, Tangerang, Bekasi, Cikarang, Sumedang, and North Jakarta. Ten contributors are from manufacturing sectors and the other two are from service sector.

The 426 pages book is apart from a written work, it is also a labor documentation. In this book there is a description of different labor cases happen during 2000s decade up until today, Indonesian labor movement development even since before reformation, different strategies employed by labor unions in confronting company managements, organizing strategies, different labor issues, overlapping and intertwined labors’ identities, and each contributor’s daily politics.

The available stories on labor are written by others, in the sense of other parties who are not labors, not the subject of the events. Those others could be journalists, academicians, researchers, or activists. The story is mainly treated as data, the subjects are treated as informants. This book treats the writer to be the subject of events, and write the story in their own point of view.

LIPS together with Tanah Air Beta published this book amidst of decreasing people’s literary aptitude, however, this book is the manifestation of LIPS’ efforts to document, produce and disseminate knowledge.